Exelorate is built on the dream of bringing Light Bulb Moments to the challenge of learning. 


Learning stuff is hard.  Once we leave school and begin our careers we forget that we need to keep learning. We are now responsible and accountable for our own personal growth.


So, that’s where we can help.

With over 30 years of experience, of Customer Service, Training and Development and Business Management, Exelorate has developed a rich competence in providing innovative and creative collaborative development options through facilitated Training, Coaching and Mentorship.


The name Exel-orate comes from – being able to excel in everything you do and to talk about your successes with others.


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Exelorate was founded by me, Viki Johnston, following a life long passion to discover more about how and why we learn, why people learn in different ways and how we can be the best we can be.

I bring years of experience of Class Room Training and Consultancy and have been lucky enough to have travelled with my family, living in Europe and the US. Now I want to share my passion of life long learning with everyone I meet.

I firmly believe we can all be great, and we all have a gift to share, personally, I love being able to help others experience their "light bulb" moment, find their greatness and help people managers manage great teams. I also love shoes..!

If you would like to "Exelorate your success through Personal Development" let me know.
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I highly recommend Viki Johnston as an entrepreneurial business coach and leader.  Viki is a wonderful person, who is genuine and unique in her approach. She truly wants to help you improve and does a great job helping you dig into issues and discover proactive solutions. 


Additionally, her training & development skills are superb.  With her mentoring and expertise, we developed a pilot workshop. Those who attended provided feedback that it was a terrific experience (they are asking for more!) and especially appreciated that the workshop provided tangible actions to take back to their workplace.


If you are looking for a top notch partner in the training & development world, look no further - Viki is your gal!  


Melanie Booher - MB Consulting Solutions

It is my pleasure to recommend Ms. Viki Johnson and her skills. I attended several Management training courses provided by Viki, and each one of them exceeded my expectations. 

From presentation skills, remote management program, leadership program, team building program, management program, conflict management, coaching skills, as well as recruiting and interviewing skills, Viki has showed fantastic skills. 
Viki’s ability to motivate and develop others is second to none, without compromising the goals of the development. 
She is enthusiastic and effective, not only in developing the materials, as well as presenting and coaching them to the class, and a great ability to put the information into your business context. 


Luiza Leach - Experienced Project Manager, Consultant, Change Management and Process Improvement

Viki joined our team of Associate trainers in 2003 following a 15 year career with DHL, where had she gained a wealth of knowledge both in the Compliance and corporate training.  She delivered a range of programs for us, including Aviation security and trainer skills for our associate team. Viki has always been professional, organised and friendly, attributes that were appreciated both by us and also our clients.  Indeed whilst Viki worked with us we received a lot of very positive feedback from delegates she trained.


As a DfT approved Cargo Validator, Viki was an asset to our business as was able  to keep close to the current issues and latest legislative requirement. Viki was able to maintain a high level of focus and great perspective for our clients, and for many of them, her style of delivery meant she was often requested back for future training.


Michelle Walden Director at Peter East Associates