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Exelorate prides itself on it's ability to see outside the box when it comes to course design. We enjoy making the learning experience the most interactive and fun it can be without losing the real message of the development activity.


If you want a course designed from scratch or just have it updated to include some alternative solutions to learning, please contact us. 

Also with our new Virtual Courses we are able to offer you that same interactive and focused development straight from your office.

What is a Virtual Classroom?


As a result of the pandemic, we all had to pivot to a Virtual world. Now we have Virtual Classrooms which incorporate all the usual elements of traditional learning including:

  • Joining instructions

  • Course notes

  • Break-out rooms

  • White boards/interactions

  • An instructor or trainer leading the course


Without the need for a physical meeting/training room and no need to travel, there is less time out of the office, fewer transport cost and you can attend from any location – anywhere in the world!


Virtual classrooms still allow participants to experience the same interactivity as in a traditional classroom environment. As with traditional training, detailed attendance and participation information can be provided to line managers and L&D teams.


Is there any difference between traditional and virtual training?


Instead of delivering training that lasts for hours or days, smaller units of live instructor/trainer led tuition is created spread over a longer period. This ensures that participants remain engaged and focused during the sessions.


Virtual training also allows participants to combine all the traditional elements of classroom training with additional functionality such as chat and message boards.


The online platform also allows trainers to prerecord material for pre and post course work.


What are the benefits of Virtual Training?


Virtual training delivers the full interactive learning experience, but is more cost effective as travel, accommodation and subsistence costs are removed and less time is needed out of the office. With a web-based user-friendly platform, technical support and easy joining instructions, virtual training is accessible to all.

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