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And we're off...

So as I get ready to move, again, I am reflecting on my achievements in these 2 short years of living and working in the US. First, there was the whole new experience being so far away from home, not being able to jump in the car and drive back, no direct flight and a 5 hour time difference.

Then deciding that networking was a priority, I set about to meet as many people as possible. It started with one person from my daughters school and then the network grew and grew. Forget the 7 degrees of separation, I was told Cincinnati was more like 3, and that become truer than I had expected. I met people who knew people who knew people I knew! Within 1 year of building my business I had formed a tribe, actually several tribes.  

There are the Brits, the Global families from School, the carefully chosen networking groups, the one time coffee meet ups that become good friends and a few businesses owners along the way.

I worried that I’d taken it too slowly, that I could’ve l been a bit more assertive with my business growth, gained a few more clients, helped a few more people. But actually, I have grown and gained and helped myself to understand how to build a business from scratch, so it’s not all bad. I have my own website, a logo, and focus and a “Why”. And to top it off, I heard this week that a client, who became a friend and colleague has just secured a contract with a contact I’d passed to her.

As I pack up my home and office and prepare to wave goodbye to Cincinnati, I can be satisfied with where I got to, from where I was.

The West Coast is calling. The bright lights of Hollywood, who knows what I will achieve in the next few years? I have a good idea.


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