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Better late than never...

... PING!

How was your month? How many Lightbulb Moments did you get to experience? I'd like to share my biggest one with you.

This is a hard one for me, I hate to be late! I'm the person who leaves 15 minutes early so I have time for any delays, even if it's only 15 minutes away!

I have been trying to work on this post and much to my dismay, and despite my own course on Time Management, it didn't get out on time. Now I realize that some of you will not even be aware that this is late and wondering why I'm making a big deal out of it. Well that me, it's a trigger.

What triggers do you have? What do people; your team members, your boss, your friends and family do, that drives you nuts? There's always someone, isn't there?

As we head back to the new world of school, office and being out in public what are you seeing out there?

I had my first "back in person" meeting with my community network group this month. A couple of my other networking groups have been working toward this, some have got further than others. But this was the first one I was responsible for.

I was excited and also a little apprehensive. Who would show up? Would those who make it feel safe? How can I interact with them when I see them?

This group has been running for over 3 years, so there are a number of my original members, and also some who have only interacted over Zoom.

I was so happy when a good size group appeared with open arms to welcome everyone back, and it got me thinking more about those teams who have been working remotely and are now facing the possibility of going back into an office, or maybe going there for the first time. What fears and challenges might they be facing right now? How can we as leaders support that transition back to, or on to, the new normal?

Here are some questions we can ask ourselves which will help.

How often do your teams make small talk, to just get to know the everyday stuff about each other?

Knowing each other on a personal level helps teams grow and appreciate each other more, we can recognize the challenges hopes and dreams and relate them to our own feelings. This is the stuff we don't get to share during work focused virtual meetings.

Are you working toward a common goal? Is it an obvious one, or is it implied?

Knowing where you belong in that team and how your role supports the vision or goal of the group will help everyone keep on the same page. Sometimes we forgot to share our goals as we assume everyone knows them, but it is worth reminding everyone from time to time, what you are all about, and how they can support you and the group.

When your team is given time deadlines do they understand the impact they have?

Time has been one of those things that has changed for so many. Whether it's saving time on your commute or being able to work flexible hours to fit around home schooling etc, the prospect of going back to what it was, can be daunting for some. Maybe they have enjoyed the freedom of WFH, not having to get dressed in the morning. If you are back to a 9-5, is it still relevant? What are the options? How can we operate differently?

What can you do to be forgiving of those who are not yet ready? For those who have different tiggers to you, how can you create a safe space for them?


Thanks for reading, I hope this has given you some things to think about and you have some of your own Lightbulb Moments.

I'd love to hear about them.

If you would like some help experiencing them, I'd love to help.

Please share this with anyone you know who loves experiencing Lightbulb Moments.

Enjoy the Ping!

Viki Johnston


Viki Johnston, a Brit who has recently moved to Southern California with her family, is a self-confessed learning junkie. Having flunked out of school at 17, she spent the next 30 (cough) years trying to figure out why learning stuff is so hard. She made it her mission to help others believe in their abilities and achieve more than they thought possible. Now through her coaching and business focused training she helps others to experience the "light bulb moment" and strive to greatness.

Her heroes are Sir Richard Branson and Brené Brown for their inspiration, and her Husband, whom without she would never have been able to live a life full of her own "light bulb moments".


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