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As we find ourselves deep into February, the glitter of the New Year's resolutions may have dulled for many.

So, how's your journey holding up?

Setting goals

Hopefully, you're not just gripping your goals but doing it with an enthusiasm that even February can't dampen.

Maintaining that momentum is no easy feat.

If you're anything like me, the start of the year fills you with excitement and anticipation. However, as days turn into weeks, and now months, that vibrant New Year vibe might be losing its shine.

So, here's the perpetual questions I find myself asking:

"How do I infuse freshness into my goals?

How do I keep those lightbulbs flicking on until the very end?"

Given my fondness for the thrill of beginnings and the appeal of the "next big thing," I've recognized that I often find myself on the cusp of completion, only to be enticed by the prospect of a fresh endeavor. It's the classic dilemma of being a perpetual enthusiast but sometimes a reluctant closer.

To counteract this tendency, I've discovered the importance of intentionally creating opportunities for self-reflection. It's not just about reaching the finish line; it's about understanding what the journey has taught me and how I can leverage those lessons for the future.

Here are a few strategies I use to ensure that I'm not just racing to the next beginning but also taking stock of the valuable insights gained along the way:

  • Create space in my calendar for a review. Setting aside dedicated time for periodic check-ins helps me assess my progress, identify challenges, and acknowledge achievements.

  • Write a monthly report to myself. A short document to focus my thoughts on what action I took and include a question to identify what I learnt.

  • Meetings with a coach to help me stay on track. Seeking feedback from peers, mentors, or trusted individuals provides valuable perspectives that might be overlooked in the rush towards the next exciting venture.

  • Journaling. Maintaining a reflective journal allows me to capture thoughts, emotions, and realizations. It's a personal record of the highs, lows, and the lessons learned.

  • Celebrating Milestones. Instead of solely focusing on the finish line, I make it a point to celebrate milestones along the way. This not only boosts motivation but also offers opportunities for reflection.

  • Mindful Awareness. Incorporating mindfulness practices helps me stay present in the current experience and reframe any negative feelings that might pop up.

If you set goals, you need to know if you have achieved them, and the only way to know is to look back at where you started and compare to where you finished.

What difference did you make? How far forward did you move? What did you accomplish?

If you are responsible for setting goals for your team, you know they will be pretty demotivated if you didn’t review them and let them know how they did. You’d find that after a while your team will underperform and see all future goals as pointless. Disengagement sets in, and that's a big problem for many companies right now.

Do you or your team feel:

  • Lack of direction or inspiration?

  • Low energy levels, lethargy?

  • Loneliness or isolation?

  • Unheard and/or unseen?

If you answer yes to any of those questions here are a few ideas:

  • Make sure you set and review realistic goals.

  • Create space for achievement and recognition.

  • Share what is working well and what challenges you might be facing and encourage support.

If you are wondering how to get back on the journey, take some time to reflect on where you are, what did you learn about yourself and how can you help others, or have others help you to rally.

If you would like to chat about these, or any other ways you can stay on track, or set new goals please book a FREE exploration call and find out how I can help.


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Viki Johnston, Exelorate

Thanks for reading, I hope this has given you some things to think about and you have some of your own Lightbulb Moments.

I'd love to hear about them.

If you would like some help experiencing them, I'd love to help.

Please share this with anyone you know who loves experiencing Lightbulb Moments.

Enjoy the Ping!

Viki Johnston

Viki Johnston, a Brit who has recently moved to Southern California with her family, is a self-confessed learning junkie. Having flunked out of school at 17, she spent the next 30 (cough) years trying to figure out why learning stuff is so hard. She made it her mission to help others believe in their abilities and achieve more than they thought possible. Now through her coaching and business focused training she helps others to experience the "light bulb moment" and strive to greatness.
Her heroes are Sir Richard Branson and Brené Brown for their inspiration, and her Husband, whom without she would never have been able to live a life full of her own "light bulb moments".


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