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You get what you give...

... PING!

How was your month? How many Lightbulb Moments did you get to experience? I'd like to share my biggest one with you.

It wasn't so much of a revelation, more of a reminder. When chasing something it always seems to get further away the more you pursue it. I wanted to find another way.

When I moved to the US I had to re-establish myself and my business in a country where I knew no-one. I hit the marketing scene and met a ton of people. Lots of really nice people, but not that many who wanted to contract with me. I knew my business was based on the grounds of "know, like and trust" but how do you do that when no one knows you, let alone likes or trusts you?

It turned out, the knowing bit was relatively easy. Getting out there, showing up, being interested, listening and sharing. The trusting and liking bit? That goes to a whole different level. Then I realized, these people needed to see me in action, they needed to see what I can do in order to build a deeper level of relationship. It was going to take more than just showing up.

The move to California gave me another chance to engage with even more people. During my networking I actively looked for areas I could provide support, not asking for work or pushing my business, but sharing my skills. How could I be of use? I connected with some non-profits and offered training, I joined a social-enterprise and become an active member, I set up a free club for local business owners to connect and share ideas. All of these things took effort and energy. There was no direct compensation for my actions, other than seeing some of those Lightbulbs going off, which is like gold to me, but all those hours have given me a community of people who not only know me, but actually like and trust me too. It's seems that the more I offer, the more it comes back. Being presented opportunities to speak, to run events and be in a space that creates credibility and increases my profile and reputation.

A great coach told me, when I was feeling like it was never going to happen, "you are playing the long game" and she was right. Just when you are about it give up, that's when you know you are almost there. The hurdles are showing you that the direction you are going is true, stick to the course. The end is in sight.

If you are wondering if it's all worth it, it is. If you are feeling like you're done giving, give more. If you are at the end of the line, stretch it just an inch more. If you think you can't make a difference, try anyway.

What you focus on is what you get. Focusing on giving will put you in a place of abundance. Then abundance is what you will get.


Thanks for reading, I hope this has given you some things to think about and you have some of your own Lightbulb Moments.

I'd love to hear about them.

If you would like some help experiencing them, I'd love to help.

Please share this with anyone you know who loves experiencing Lightbulb Moments.

Enjoy the Ping!

Viki Johnston


This is one place I give to, and it comes back to me in abundance.

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Viki Johnston, a Brit who has recently moved to Southern California with her family, is a self-confessed learning junkie. Having flunked out of school at 17, she spent the next 30 (cough) years trying to figure out why learning stuff is so hard. She made it her mission to help others believe in their abilities and achieve more than they thought possible. Now through her coaching and business focused training she helps others to experience the "light bulb moment" and strive to greatness.

Her heroes are Sir Richard Branson and Brené Brown for their inspiration, and her Husband, whom without she would never have been able to live a life full of her own "light bulb moments".

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